DTT Televes kit with maximum gain, 20 m cable, 2 F connectors and economical power supply

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DTT antenna kit with power supply, cable and F connectors

Economic tdt kit with the best performance. This kit includes the DAT BOSS antenna, which gives the best performance working with the gain control activated, the power supply with one input and two outputs, two type F connectors to make connections and 20 meters of inexpensive coaxial cable.

The power supply allows the activation of the automatic gain control of the Televes DAT BOSS antenna.

Everything necessary to carry out the installation.

Maximum gain DTT kit to receive the terrestrial signal in our home.

What does this kit include?

  • Televes DAT BOSS antenna
  • Tecatel power supply with one input and two outputs.
  • 2 type F connectors
  • Cable 20 meters long.

What technical characteristics does the DAT BOSS antenna have?

  • It allows you to receive quality television in a variety of critical situations, from areas with very weak signals to facilities with high levels of reception.
  • It increases the land cover area by up to 27% compared to previous models.
  • It has a more stable reception, being able to withstand signal variations or fading or fading without affecting the TV installation.
  • Optimum signal-to-noise ratio thanks to a noise figure of only 1.2dB that respects the quality of the received signal.
  • Very high gain thanks to TForce technology provides the BOSS with an increase of up to 13dB, reaching 45dBi in intelligent mode.
  • It offers the possibility to work in intelligent mode or in passive mode.
  • The DAT design, based on 3 Yagis antennas with asymmetric directors, provides a high directivity and an optimal radiation pattern against echoes.
  • Special dipole in double "U", its open / closed format provides an optimal ratio in its frequency response.
  • Fully shielded junction box that protects the BOSS system from impulse noise, and connected to ground for total protection against electric shock.
  • Made of aluminum (stainless) for a long life.
  • Offset satellite dish televes
  • Fully automated manufacturing and subjected to rigorous quality controls.
More Information
EAN 8400520000016
System DTT
SERIE Pasive
Type DTT 4G, DTT 5G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain High
Dipole Active
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required Yes, included
Feed Power 12 Vc, 24 Vc
Product Brand Televes
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