Power Supply 24V 160mA DC for Mast Amplifier

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Power Supply 160mA 24V DC by Tecatel

24V Tecatel FA-MAX24160C power supply at a very affordable price. Ideal for use both for Tecatel amplifiers and with amplifiers of other brands. Use both for new installations and for replacement of other damaged sources. Very low consumption.

This equipment has an input that connects the amplifier to power and two connectors with TV signals that would go directly to the outlets of the house.

It is a power source designed for installations in single-family homes, it is a product to be placed indoors, being able to anchor to the wall.


Power supply 160mA 24V for mast amplifiers that work with the same voltage.

What technical characteristics does the Tecatel FA-MAX24160C power supply have?

  • Frequency Range: 5-862MHz
  • Insertion loss: 3-4 dB
  • RF Number of entries: 1
  • Number of RF outputs: 2
  • Power Supply: 195-240V  Output voltage: 24V DC
  • Maximum output current: 160mA
  • Minimum / Maximum consumption: 1W / 4W
  • Temperature range: -5 / 55 º C
  • RIVER index of protection: IP20
More Information
EAN 8430549054165
System DTT
Color Gray
Power supply Mast Amplifier
Feed Power 24 Vc
Current (mA) 160
Outputs 2
Product Brand Tecatel
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