Mast Amplifier 1 UHF 38dB LTE 5G Fagor

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Mast Amplifier 1 UHF 38dB Fagor AML 510

1-input UHF (470-694 MHz) mast amplifier and integrated 5G LTE filter, with 38dB of gain and maximum output of 114dBμV. Amplifier with gain regulation (-15dB).

Preamp equipment with exceptional immunity to interferences and low noise figure, for correct reception of Digital TV.

Robust amplifier to be installed on a mast with a included mounting flange, dimensions 170x105x50 mm. It has a switchable DC current path.

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38dB 1-input UHF mast amplifier with 114dBμV output, with integrated LTE 5G (694MHz) filter

What are the main characteristics of the Fagor AML 510 amplifier?

  • It has independent regulation of the figure of noise.
  • Its mechanics give it an exceptional immunity to impulsive noise, a critical aspect for Digital TV reception.
  • They have switchable DC pass-current.
  • LTE ready.

What technical specifications does the Fagor AML 510 mast amplifier have?

  • Model: AML 510
  • Reference: 36650
  • Number of inputs: 1 UHF
  • Band: UHF (470-694 MHz)
  • Gain: 38dB
  • Gain regulation: 15dB
  • DIN 45004B-60 output level: 114 dBμV
  • Noise figure: 3dB
  • Out-of-band rejection: LTE2 / LTE 5G
  • Consumption: 80mA
  • DC step: 45mA
  • Dimensions: 170x105x50 mm
  • Weight: 0355kg
  • Power: 24 ± 10% Vdc
  • Operating temperature: -20 ... +60 ºC
More Information
TypeMast amplifier
# Inputs1
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV)114
LTE compatibleNo
Current bypassTerrestrial
Product BrandFagor
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