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Blacksmith objects such as screws, lag screws, dowels and washers. What is necessary for fastening mast claws, parabolic supports, anchoring turrets and winds, among other uses.

We have very resistant dowels for concrete fastening. Ideal for turrets and floor stands.

We recommend our TDT0012 kit for parabolic wall L supports and for screw-on mast clamps, consisting of: 4 lag screws with 4 dowels and 4 washers.

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  1. Cable gland 7mm cable

    €0.24 Tax included
  2. 37/5000 8x60mm metric screw metal stud
    SKU: TECTCM860

    €0.46 Tax included
  3. Metallic Taco, metric screw 8x80mm for drill 10mm pack of 4 units

    €1.39 Tax included
  4. Dowel, Lag Screw and Washer Kit (4 units)
    SKU: TDT0012

    €1.85 Tax included
  5. Taco pressure for flange (100 pcs.)

    €8.49 Tax included

5 Items

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Screws, Dowels and Washers