Open Staples for Coaxial Cable 100 Units

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Open Staples for Televes 2000 Coaxial Cable

Staples 100 units for coaxial cable. Made of plastic with a semicircular shape (with a grip of 5.2 mm) and a steel screw that allows to fix the coaxial cable against the wall and the floor. This clip is designed for 5mm cables such as RG59 and data cable.

In case of not having Televes brand, we will send the same staples of another alternative brand.

White Coaxial Cable Fixing Open Clamp

What are the main characteristics of the Televes 2000 Open Clamp for Coaxial Cable?

  • Grip diameter: 5.2 mm
  • Made of white plastic and a steel screw
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EAN 8424450020005
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Product type Clamp with nail
Product Brand Televes
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