Open Staple for Coaxial Cable (25 units)

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Televes 4360 Open Staple for Coaxial Cable (25 units)

Box of 25 open staples with nail for coaxial cable. White plastic clip, with a 5.2mm diameter semicircular shape and a steel nail that allows the cable to be fixed to the wall, ceiling or floor.

Thanks to these clips we will be able to fix the cable as close to the wall as possible, carrying out our installation so that it does not impact the television cable in sight.

The coaxial cable will be glued or fixed to the wall with the help of these clips, achieving an orderly and discreet installation, with the cable fully collected.

Box of 25 Televes 4360 open Staples to hold Coaxial Cable

Thanks to these staples we will be able to collect the cable run through our home. These clips are made up of a steel point, to be able to fix it on the wall, and the body is made of nylon, which is a very resistant material.

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