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Opticum OPS-1 Display Satellite Locator

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Opticum OPS-1 Satellite Locator with Display

Passive equipment to precisely target the satellite dish to the desired satellite. Compatible with any LNB, the locator connects between the receiver and the antenna and indicates the signal levels received in real time on a digital display.

With this inexpensive locator, orienting the satellite dish will be very easy. Integrate a compass to know the direction the antenna is pointing. Locator compatible with DVB-S/S2 signals and frequency band 950-2150 MHz.

The locator allows 13-18Vdc to pass through to supply the LNB.


OPS-ONE Satellite Locator with Display for DVB-S/S2 950-2150 MHz signals

What are the main features of the Opticum OPS-1 Locator?

  • DVB-S/S2 satellite signal meter.
  • Frequency range: 950-2150 MHz
  • Power supply of the meter from the antenna socket of the satellite 13-18 V DC
  • User manual in Polish, English and German
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