Outdoor Cable FPT CAT6 Coil 500 meters Bitel

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Outdoor Cable FPT CAT6 Coil 500m Bitel

The FTP cable protects the internal conductors with a very thin laminated aluminum that covers the pairs, to avoid the external electromagnetic noise.

Category 6 FTP data cable, with rigid Copper (Cu) conductor and crossed PE sheath. Complies with the Gigabit Ethernet standard. Designed for 10 Base-T, 100Base-T and 1000 Base-T installations. Shielded cable and impedance 100ohm.

Working frequency: 1-250Mhz Classe E It comes in a 500 meter bovine.

Technical Specifications Outdoor Cable FPT CAT6 Coil 500m Bitel


Standard reference: ISO/IEC 11801: 2011

IEC 61156-5: 2012

EN 13501-6

EN 50173-1: 2011

EN 50173-2: 2007

EN 50288-9-1: 2012

EN 50288-4

EN 50575: 2014 + A1: 2016

EN 60332-1 [1,2], 60332-3C, 60754- [1,2], 61034- [1,2]

ANSI / TIA-568-6-2: 2009

Nominal temperature: 90ºC

Installation temperature: -30ºC. + 50ºC

Rohs/reach complied

DoP Number: N/C


Token, 100 million tp-pdm

Analong and dating viceo

TR-16 active and passive

IEEE802.3: 100Base-T; 100Base-T; 1GBase-T

Conductor: solid bare copper 0.55 + -0.01mm

Insulation: FMPE-HDPE

Average thickness (mm): 0.32-0.26

Insulation diameter: 1.22-1.1

Filler (cross): PE

PET: yes

Drain cable: Conductor dia. (+/- 0.01 mm)

Tear cord: yes

Inner jacket: average thickness: 0.8

Packaging: 1 wooden drum

Color code: 1 white/blue 2 white/orange 3 white/green 4 white/brown

Weight: 260kg.

Packing length: 500

More Information
System CAT6
Serie 500m
Color Black
Cobertura Exterior Cables PE
Conductor Interno Cables Copper (Cu)
Product Brand Bitel Group
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