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Here you can find real bargains on products from our customers' returns. The products are previously reviewed and tested by our technical team to guarantee their correct operation, and we only include those products that are in perfect condition. We also warn that the product packaging may present bumps or the product may not be shipped in its original packaging.

The products in our Outlet have the same guarantee as the new products.

That customer who made a wrong reference or who simply bought it and when he received it did not suit his needs, he returned it perfectly and now it can be yours with a great discount.

They are limited units, so take advantage of the fact, they fly!

Guarantee products at a single price - TDTprofesional OUTLET

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  1. Telephone VEO 4+N Universal OUTLET
    SKU: FER3431OUT

    €11.33 Tax included
  2. Telephone Cable 1 Pair 250m OUTLET
    SKU: TEL2170BOUT

    €16.64 Tax included
  3. SKYLINE Frame 4V S5 Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER7334OUT

    €26.78 Tax included
  4. OUTLET: Quattro Black Ultra 0.2dB LNB converter
    SKU: ANTIV205545

    €27.02 Tax included
  5. Telephone Cable 2 Pairs 250m OUTLET
    SKU: TEL2171BOUT

    €40.23 Tax included
  6. Indoor DTT Antenna Bexia Televes LTE 5G OUTLET
    SKU: TEL130501OUT

    €52.60 Tax included
  7. Horizontal Terminal Enclousure 600x500x80mm
    SKU: TEL546702

    €57.41 Tax included
  8. Cristor Atlas HD200SE Boot F SAT Receiver OUTLET

    €89.00 Tax included
  9. Wibox WiFi VDS Adapter Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER3266OUT

    €93.65 Tax included
  10. 4MP 2.8mm Dome IP Camera EXIR 30m OUTLET

    €99.10 Tax included
  11. Dinova Boss DTT Antenna Kit (C21-C60) with PicoKom power supply
    SKU: TEL144012

    €101.08 Tax included
  12. Bullet IP Camera 4MP Fixed 2.8mm IR 30m
    SKU: HWI-B140H-M

    €107.33 Tax included
  13. Safire Outlet Bluetooth Motorized Smart Lock

    €118.92 Tax included
  14. iLOFT DUOX 3.5" Monitor Embed Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER5602OUT

    €194.81 Tax included
  15. Second Monitor 7" of the 2 Lines WAY Kit Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER1413OUT

    €202.13 Tax included
  16. Outlet: SAT 48dB Minikom Central Amplifier with UHF/VHF Mix
    SKU: TEL5363OUT

    €227.00 Tax included
  17. IF and UHF Signal Generator Promax OUTLET

    €317.36 Tax included
  18. WAY 2-wire video intercom kit with 7" monitor for 1 home OUTLET
    SKU: FER1401OUT

    €343.40 Tax included
  19. 1 House Video Intercom Kit 2 Wires WAY-FI Monitor 7" WiFi OUTLET
    SKU: FER1431OUT

    €448.67 Tax included
  20. Fibaro Home Center 2 OUTLET

    €488.74 Tax included

    €0.00 Tax included
  22. DTT-UHF V Zenit Antenna Televes LTE 5G OUTLET
    SKU: TEL149221OUT

    €28.35 Tax included
  23. OUTLET: 2xUHF mast amplifier with 4G/5G filter
    SKU: ROV81187OUT

    €36.81 Tax included
  24. 1 Way Automatic Door Phone Switcher 8891 Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER8819OUT

    €65.84 Tax included
  25. VEO VDS Color Fermax OUTLET Monitor
    SKU: FER9401OUT

    €81.31 Tax included
  26. VEO WiFi DUOX Monitor OUTLET
    SKU: FER9446OUT

    €142.66 Tax included
  27. Monitor VEO-XS WiFi 4.3" DUOX PLUS Fermax (2 wires) OUTLET
    SKU: FER9449OUT

    €143.69 Tax included

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