Domestic Amplifier 4S + TV G16dB Con.CEI Outlet

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OUTLET: Televés Domestic Amplifier 4S + TV G16dB 55294

5-output amplifier (4S + TV) with integrated switching power supply, provides high performance while reducing consumption. It has manual gain control, much lower, which offers us the possibility of connecting directly to the television without the need for any additional.

It also incorporates LTE790/4G filtering. Covered by a hinged lid with a compact and discreet design, white with a protection index of IP 20. It works on the VHF-UHF frequency.

The amplifier has a gain of 16dB and a noise figure of 5dB, with a consumption of only 2W. Includes CEI type connectors.

Technical Specifications Televes Domestic Amplifier 4S + TV G16Db


Inputs     5(4+1TV)
Frequency range   MHz 47...790
Gain G dB 16
(11 @ TV)
Gain adjustment range marg 15
Max. output level DIN 45004B Vout dBμV >102
IMD3 (2tones, -35dB) Vout 109
Noise level N.F. dB 6
Power supply/Max.
current inputs
ON Vdc/
Mains voltage/frequency   V~/Hz 196...253/ 50...60
AC power consumption   W/mA 2,3 / 23
Protection index   IP 20
Operating temperature range   ºC -5 ... +45


More Information
SERIECEI Connector
TV-SAT Distribution ConnectionIEC
Cut channel48
Input signalDAB, UHF, VHF
Insertion Loss (dB)16
Current bypassYes
Product BrandTeleves
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