Insulation meter PE-455 from Promax

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Insulation tester PE-455 by PROMAX

The PE-455 Insulation Meter performs the constant voltage insulation test with a load current of 1 mA, with different scales for resistance and insulation resistance.

It works with three insulation test voltages: 250V, 500V and 1000VDC; and uses continuity short-circuit current of 200mA.

It incorporates an external voltage warning indicator, automatic circuit discharging in addition to the data storage and automatic disconnection functions.

The PE-455 insulation meter is one of the elements used to register as an F-type installer.

What are the main characteristics of the PROMAX PE-455 meter?

-INSULATION RESISTANCE : SCALES ; Auto range Ω 20 M / 200 M Ω / 2000 Ω M 20 M & # 937 ; 200M & # 937 ; 2000 M Ω

- STRESS N AC: 0-600 V , 40-120 Hz

- RESISTANCE SCALES . 20 M & # 937 ; 200M & # 937 ; 2000 M Ω

- ACCESSORIES : Game test leads, safety clips , fuse 0.5 A 250 V , instruction manual , carrying case

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