Power Supply 12V 0.8A by Televes

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Televes 732101 power supply

This 732101 Televes equipment converts alternating current between 196-264V into direct current from 12V to 0.8A to power compatible electrical components such as a multiswitch.

European manufacturing quality plug, small size, in black color. Includes protection against short circuits and voltage spikes, for added security.

Plug-in power supply Televes 732101 of 12V and 0.8A.

What technical specifications does the Televes 732101 Power Supply have?

Input voltage V~ 196- 264
Frequency Hz 50 - 60
Output voltage V= 12
Max. output current A 0,8
Temperature range ºC –5….+45 ºC
Protection level IP IP20
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EAN 8424450173909
System Satellite
Product Brand Televes
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