Power Supply for NBS, SAE and TAE Ikusi Amplifiers

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Ikusi 270177 Power Supply for NBS, SAE and TAE Amplifiers

Replacement power supply for the Ikusi NBS, SAE and TAE series of amplifiers.

This source transforms the input voltage 230-240Vac to power the Ikusi broadband amplifiers, protecting them from short circuits and overvoltage.

Compatible with the NBS-600 and NBS-800 series of head-end amplifiers, and SAE-900 and TAE-1100 line amplifiers.


Replacement Power Supply for Ikusi NBS, SAE and TAE Series Amplifiers

Amplifiers compatible with the Ikusi 270177 Power Supply:

  • Central Amplification NBS:
    • NBS-895 (C69, C60, C48)
    • NBS-801 (C69, C60, C48)
    • NBS-804 (C69, C60, C48)
    • NBS-604 (C69, C60, C48)
    • NBS-695 (C69, C60, C48)
  • SAE Extension Amplifiers:
    • SAE-920
    • SAE-916
    • SAE-912
  • Extension Amplifiers with C. Return TAE:
    • APR-1125
    • TAE-1120
    • APR-1118



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EAN 8400600000011
System DTT
Color Gray
Power supply Other
Feed Power Other
Outputs 1
Product Brand Ikusi
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