Preconnected patch cords SC / APC G657A2 3mm LSZH 40m

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SC / APC Fiber Optic Patch Cord 40 meters

Tecatel fiber optic patch cord FO-070068 allows the transmission of optical signal from one device to another with a separation of 40 meters from each other.

This fiber optic hose can be used both inside and outside, has an outside diameter of 3 mm and can be used in installations with known lengths.

The Tecatel fiber optic patch cord FO-070068 allows the connection of two devices separated from each other by a distance of 40 meters.

What technical characteristics does the fiber optic patch cord FO-070068 have?

  • Single-mode fiber optic patch cord G657-A2, 9/125 μm 3 mm
  • Connectorized SC / APC to SC / APC
  • LAN and MAN
  • CATV system
  • Digital communication system
  • Compliant with ICT2
  • Insertion loss: <0.3 dB
  • Return loss:> 60 dB
  • Cover LSZH

What connectors does this patch cord use?

It uses an SC connector, which is a low loss optical fiber connector, widely used in SM installations and CATV and Network applications, which was designed for use in high vibration environments, and an APC (angular) polishing favors the coupling between two fibers on a surface inclined to 8 degrees. This causes the light transition reflections not to return to the fiber core, which increases the return loss to values ​​greater than 60 dB.

More Information
System Optic Fiber
Serie 40m
Fiber type Singlemode
Entorno Interior
Color Yellow
Product Brand NIMO
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