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Coaxial Cable Extension 1.5m CEI Male - CEI Female

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Coaxial Cable Extension Cable 1.5m Televes 4312

Coaxial cable extension 1.5 meters long, with CEI connectors at both ends (CEI Male and CEI Female). This cable is used to connect the television or DTT receiver to the TV socket on the wall.

It is Micro type, it has a diameter of 5mm for greater flexibility and ease of installation by tubes with more cables. For indoor installation with PVC black cover.

24/48 Hours

Patch cord for connection from the final RTV socket to a DTT receiver, tuner or directly to television.

Normally 2 units are necessary, since we need a patch cord to connect the HD (or standard) DTT tuner from the final TV socket, we also need another patch cord to connect the DTT receiver to the television.

What are the main characteristics of Televes 4312 coaxial cable?

  • Coaxial extension cable incorporating CEI connection, male on one end and female on the other.
  • It is of the micro cable type, since it has a Ø 5mm.
  • Its usefulness is the connection between the socket and TV devices.
  • PVC outer sheath
  • Available in different colors and lengths
24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8424450043127
System RG59
Serie 1.5m
Entorno Interior
Color Black
Cobertura Exterior Cables PVC
Product Brand Televes
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