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Promax Cable Tracer

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Promax TC-470 Cable Tracer by Promax

With this simple measuring instrument you will be able to locate and identify the wiring, but you will also be able to repair it. You will be able to locate loose and connected telephone pairs in large bundles of cables. It is an indispensable tool for any electrician.

It allows to identify the polarities of the telephone cables, to verify the state of the telephone lines through LEDs, recognizing the state of the line (free, busy or ring tone), to carry out continuity tests or to send tones to follow the trace of the line.

The tracer is made up of a tone generator and an inductive amplification probe for signal tracing.

It also includes a set of cables with crocodile clips and a standard RJ10 connector.

It has a high and adjustable sensitivity to identify wiring that is in conduits with a large amount of cable.

1 to 7 days

Technical Specifications of the Promax Cable Tracer


Model: TC-470

Volume Control: To increase sensitivity

Battery: 9V battery

Autonomy: 100 hours

Signal Generator

Test leads: Red and black

Cable with plug: RJ10 modular plug


LEDs: 3 colors

Accessories: User manual, 9V battery, Carrying case.

1 to 7 days
More Information
Color Yellow
Product Brand Promax
System Telecomunications
SERIE Tester
Instrumentation Test
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