Televes Offset QUAD LNB Converter

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Converter LNB Offset QUAD TEL761001 from Televes

Televes' TEL761001 converter is universal, it has a low noise figure and a high gain that makes it possible to capture signals in the KU band.

This converter is easy to connect, it is low in weight as it has a small casing as well as having a very high degree of protection IP66 and is ideal for extreme temperatures.

It is low consumption, its power supply is through the receiver or the multiswitch and it is compatible with 40 mm supports.

It receives the name of QUAD since it has 4 outputs, if you are interested in finding out about more characteristics and information on the types and operation of the converters that there are, you can learn more in the following blog article: Click here


LNB Offset QUAD 4 converter (4 outputs) TEL761001 from Televes

What characteristics do Televes TEL761001 converters have?

  • Input frequency: 10.7 to 12.75 Ghz
  • Output frequency: 950/1950 to 1100/2150
  • Has a high discrimination between polarities
  • Reduced weight
  • Simple connection
  • No. of outputs: 1 (H / V)
  • Gain: 57 db
  • Noise figure: 0.7
  • Local oscillator: 9.75 to 10.6 Ghz Power supply: 12 ... 20 Vdc
  • Maximum consumption: 200 mA
  • Operating temperature: -30 ... + 60 ºC

What does an LNB do?

It is a device that is located in the focus of the parabolic antenna and is responsible for adapting the received signal and distributing it, through a coaxial cable, to the entire installation.

More Information
EAN 8424450137734
LNB type Universal
Output number 4 (Quad)
Noise level 0,7
Focus number One focus
Gain >50 db
Product Brand Televes
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