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CAM FRANSAT + Card with 4 years subscription

Through this card reader and this FRANSAT card, you can receive on your satellite receiver with PCMCIA slot all the free channels of the French digital terrestrial television during the 4-year subscription period.

If your TV integrates a satellite reception system (DVB-S/S2) and includes a PCMCIA slot, you will not need any additional receivers to watch French television, you can enjoy French channels directly on your TV. You just have to insert the FRANSAT module in the back of your TV with integrated satellite channel search system.

FRANSAT CI + 1.3 card reader with 4-year subscription card included.

What channels allows you to watch the Fransat card reader?

27 canales gratuitos de la TNT HD


24 canales regionales de FRANCE 3


12 canales gratuitos locales


List of Samsung TVs compatible with the CAM FRANSAT module

  • LCD 32’’ Screens (81 cm) : UE32ES5700, UE32ES6300, UE32ES6710.
  • 40’’ (101 cm) : UE40ES5700, UE40ES6300, UE40ES6530, UE40ES6540, UE40ES6560, UE40ES6570, UE40ES6710, UE40ES7000, UE40ES8000.
  • 46 ’’ (116 cm) : UE46ES5700, UE46ES6300, UE46ES6530, UE46ES6540, UE46ES6560, UE46ES6570, UE46ES6710, UE46ES7000, UE46ES8000.
  • 55’’ (138 cm) : UE55ES6300, UE55ES6530, UE55ES6540, UE55ES6560, UE55ES6570, UE55ES7000, UE55ES8000.
  • 65’’ (165 cm) : UE65ES8000.
  • 64’’ Plasma screens (162 cm) : PS64E8000.
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