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RFID / EM proximity keychain Color Black

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125 kHz low frequency RFID / EM proximity keychain

Black Proximity keychain reference RFID-TAG-BLACK, without labels. Device for radiofrequency identification compatible with RFID / EM readers at 125 Khz.

This keychain is a passive device that does not need batteries or maintenance and is activated when approached to a compatible reader, without the need for physical contact.

24/48 Hours

Proximity keychain in black without labels, for radio frequency identification with RFID / EM readers at 125 Khz.

What technical specifications does the RFID-TAG-BLACK proximity keychain have?

RFID 125 KHz Passive
Material PVC with metallic rings
Dimensions 58 (H) x 27 (W) mm
Weight 5 g
More Information
EAN 8435325435725
Color Black
Identification EM Card/Keychain
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