Low noise block opticals

Optical LNB for Satellite Signal distribution by Optical Fiber

The Optical LNB´s makes a conversion from the receiver satellite signal to convers to optical fiber signal to can distribuite to long way (kilometers).

A Optical LNB no works in his own, it is a team, it need converters, fiber cable, attenuators, optical distribution, etc... You can find all that you need in our web in the section: Optical Fiber.

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Optical converter with Quattro and DTT satellite outputs

Ref.: MK3Quattro
€123.50 Tax included

Optical converter with satellite QUAD and terrestrial output

Ref.: MK3Quad
€143.88 Tax included

Optical LNB with fiber output MDU

Ref.: F925004
€172.69 Tax included

Optical LNB + feeder Televes 2353

Ref.: TEL2353
€222.16 Tax included

Optical LNB input with C-120

Ref.: F926012
€238.85 Tax included

LNB and Optical Modulator Kit ODU32

Ref.: F101720
€414.59 Tax included

Optical kit for satellite and terrestrial with 2 outputs

€539.26 Tax included

Kit of LNB satellites and optical modulator 2 ODU32

Ref.: F101840
€1,003.44 Tax included

Optical LNB kit with Televes ODU32 236810 converter

Ref.: TEL236810
€1,179.88 Tax included

Power Supply for MultiSwitch and Optical LNB

Ref.: TEL732802
€53.31 Tax included

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