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Optical LNBs for Fiber Optic Satellite signal distribution

Optical LNBs simply perform a conversion of the signal they pick up from the satellite to convert it into a fiber optic signal to be able to transmit the signal over long distances (talking about kilometers). An optical LNB never works alone, all the equipment consists of optical converters, fiber cable, attenuators, optical splitters, etc.

It is a system oriented to satellite distributions in large areas: urban complexes, large buildings such as skyscrapers or hotels, golf courses, industrial plants, etc.

Another advantage of fiber over coaxial cabling is its total immunity to electrical interference, making it a perfect solution for industrial areas where machinery could cause electromagnetic interference in coaxial networks.

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  1. 20V PSU-QUATRO Power Supply for QUAD-GTU and QUATRO-GTU
    SKU: IKU4951

    €24.53 Tax included
  2. QUATTRO SAT+DTT Optical Receiver for Multiswitch
    SKU: IKU4953

    €120.44 Tax included
  3. Optical converter with Quattro and DTT satellite outputs
    SKU: MK3Quattro

    €123.50 Tax included
  4. Optical Receiver QUAD SAT+DTT for 4 Users
    SKU: IKU4952

    €143.86 Tax included
  5. Optical converter with satellite QUAD and terrestrial output
    SKU: MK3Quad

    €143.88 Tax included
  6. Optical LNB Kit + Emitter + Power Supply + Coaxial
    SKU: IKU4957

    €434.62 Tax included
  7. LNB and Optical Modulator Kit ODU32
    SKU: F101720

    €458.59 Tax included
  8. Optical kit for satellite and terrestrial with 2 outputs

    €539.26 Tax included
  9. Kit of LNB satellites and optical modulator 2 ODU32
    SKU: F101840

    €1,003.44 Tax included
  10. Optical LNB kit with Televes ODU32 236810 converter
    SKU: TEL236810

    €1,263.52 Tax included

10 Items

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Optical LNBs