Multifocus LNB Brackets

Supports for various LNBs

Multifocus brackets are used to hold one or several extra LNB's on a single satellite dish. They allow fine adjustment in degrees and the same model can be used for different sizes of dish antenna at different spacing between satellites.

This allows a single antenna to capture several satellites. When putting several LNB's it is necessary to bear in mind that to mix the signal of these LNB's and to download a single cable for the satellite receiver it is necessary to use a DiSEqC switch, which are sold separately.

With a multifocus support, depending on the size of the antenna, you will be able to receive satellites whose orbit is 3º, 6º or 9º apart. The most common use is to receive the Astra 19ºE + Astra 23ºE, or Astra 19ºE + Hotbird 13ºE satellites. There are also 4.3º and 6º Monoblock LNBs for these satellite combinations, although their price is higher than a conventional LNB.