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Multifocus Expanding Supports for Satellites in a Parabolic

The Multifocus Supports are used to hold one or more LNB extra's in one dish. They allow the fine adjustment in degrees and can be used the same model for different sizes of parabolic antenna. If we have several LNB´s keep in mind that the signal mixing these LNB´s and down a single cable to the satellite receiver you need to use a DISEqC switch, which is sold separately.

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  1. Multifocus support for 2 LNB for antennas from 65 to 120cm

    €5.72 Tax included
  2. Multifocus Support for 2 LNB. Antennas 80-120 cm

    €6.06 Tax included
  3. Multifocal stand for 3 LNB, 80 to 120 cm antennas

    €7.61 Tax included
  4. LNB Bracket of QSD Satellite Dish Televes
    SKU: TEL790902

    €13.14 Tax included
  5. Multisatellite holder for 4 QSD SAT antennas
    SKU: TEL790901

    €35.09 Tax included

5 Items

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Multifocus LNB Brackets