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DISEqC for mixing several LNB's

DiSEqC switches are ultimately mixers satellite signal with some intelligence. It really does not make a mixture but Realica switching. The satellite receiver can be ordered in a given satellite channel A moment, and the switch coaxial cable sent by the satellite signal A, and another time when changing channels the user can request satellite channels and switch B He sent down the cable TV signal B.

Switches have to mix two, four and up to eight LNB. The output of diseqc recommend is a cable that directly reaches the satellite receiver.

The most common case is to have aimed at a satellite and use a multifocus support to put an extra LNB signal and to have two satellites with a single dish satellite dish, mix these signals with diseqc and put in the cable that already had as did the receiver.

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  1. DISEQc 2.0 switch for 4 satellites

    €2.26 Tax included
  2. Switch Disecq 2.0 for 2 Tecatel satellites

    €3.19 Tax included
  3. DiSEqC 2.0 Outdoor Switch for 4 Satellites

    €3.29 Tax included
  4. Disecq 2.0 switch for 4 satellites Megasat

    €3.87 Tax included
  5. Switch Disecq 2.0 4 Tecatel satellites

    €4.16 Tax included
  6. Johansson 9208 Outdoor 2x1 DiSEqC Switch

    €10.08 Tax included
  7. Satellite DiSEqC Switch 2 Inputs / 1 Output.

    €28.06 Tax included

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