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Satellite orientation

In this section you will find the necessary products for the orientation of our satellite. We must take into account parameters such as Polarization, Azimuth and Elevation. For this we have cheaper products such as sensors or locators for Satellite Dishes and Compasses.

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  1. Satellite Antenna Alignment

    €4.68 Tax included
  2. Satfinder

    €6.72 Tax included
  3. Opticum OPS-1 Display Satellite Locator

    €10.87 Tax included
  4. Opticum OPS-3 Satellite Locator with display

    €12.34 Tax included
  5. Satellite guidance kit

    €18.25 Tax included
  6. Satfinder SF-210

    €19.17 Tax included
  7. Opticum SF4 Digital Satellite Locator

    €47.04 Tax included
  8. SATPAL remote controller satellite settings

    €302.55 Tax included

9 Items

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Orienteering tools