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Indoor Home Amplifiers with Satellite

If you are looking to amplify the satellite signal to have more signal strength, at TDTprofesional we are specialized in satellite television and you will be able to find the amplifier you need.

If you decide to take the step and install satellite television there are some elements that cannot be missing in the shopping cart. You can buy everything you need in our online store. One of the essentials is the indoor amplifier with amplification for satellite or IF, if you are going to have many meters of cable.

Indoor home amplifiers for satellite usually have a single antenna cable input and the DTT signal can be mixed with the satellite signal. Furthermore, these amplifiers generally allow the satellite dish to be controlled from the user's satellite receiver. They are used in individual installations where the user has a satellite dish for himself. The best par excellence is the reference 5530 from Televes.


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  1. Housing Internal Amplifier 3 outputs
    SKU: TEL553001

    €34.51 Tax included
  2. Amplificador de vivienda 1E/1S retorno pasivo 34dB 5...862MHz "F"
    SKU: TEL553501

    €35.47 Tax included
  3. UHF-SAT Indoor Amplifier 1in/1out LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3590

    €35.79 Tax included
  4. Indoor Amplifier UHF-SAT 2 Outputs LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3593

    €38.41 Tax included
  5. Terrestrial/Satellite Amplifier 1 Input 4 Outputs C48
    SKU: IKU3599

    €40.66 Tax included
  6. PicoKom Housing Amplifier 3 outputs VHF/UHF LTE700
    SKU: TEL560523

    €41.37 Tax included
  7. Housing Amplifier UHF/VHF/SAT 2 Outputs LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL560601

    €43.22 Tax included
  8. Indoor Amplifier RF + FI, 18.25dB 1 Terra Output
    SKU: TEHSA001

    €47.43 Tax included

8 Items

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SAT Domestic Amplifiers