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Amplifiers Inside for Satellite TV and Central Amplification for Communities

The amplifiers to installer inside of the house have normally one Input from antenna cable and we can put DTT signal mixing with the satellite signal. This kind of amplifiers can take the control of parabolic antenna from the satellite receiver of the user. There are more user in simple installation (one hou) where the user have only one parabolic.

The Central Satellite Amplification are user in building, or in istallation where we might to amplifier so much this signal. Normally they have separate inputs from terrestrial and the make the mixer of the segnal. There are called central wide band programmable.

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  1. UHF-SAT Indoor Amplifier 1in/1out LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3590

    €29.33 Tax included
  2. Indoor Amplifier UHF-SAT 2 Outputs LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3593

    €31.51 Tax included
  3. Domestic TV Amplifier 5-2150 MHz 3 outputs (2+TV)
    SKU: TEL5530

    €36.05 Tax included
  4. Home amplifier UHF 15dB + FI 23dB, 2 output, with DC pass
    SKU: TEL560601

    €39.24 Tax included
  5. Johansson 22-25dB Indoor TV-SAT Amplifier
    SKU: JOH9672L

    €42.54 Tax included

5 Items

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Indoor amplifiers & FI centrals