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Broadband Amplifiers with Satellite

The multiband amplifiers are designed to meet the needs of small collective facilities or large individual homes. The control units in this section amplify both the Terrestrial and Satellite signals and perform the mixing to distribute them through the same output to all the TV outlets.

These multiband amplifiers have inputs for each type of signal, amplifying each one separately. All broadband amplifiers allow you to regulate the gain manually, using potentiometers, attenuators or with a double amplification stage. As well as activating the passage of DC to feed previous mast equipment or active antennas. In the case of amplifiers with satellite, they also supply the LNB, being able to select the satellite polarity.

Broadband exchanges are not suitable for any community, since by ICT regulations their use is limited to buildings where the total number of outlets does not exceed 30, that is, it is a solution only for installations with less than 30 TV outlets.

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  1. Central Amplifier FI 35dB LTE 5G Tecatel

    €54.18 Tax included
  2. Central FI amplifier D + 532401 Televes
    SKU: TEL532401

    €59.21 Tax included
  3. Central Multiband 45dB 2xUHF-FM-DAB-SAT LTE 5G

    €92.98 Tax included
  4. Satellite Central Amplifier 40dB Tecatel 13/18V

    €96.86 Tax included
  5. SAT 48dB Minikom Central Amplifier with UHF/VHF Mix
    SKU: TEL5363

    €108.36 Tax included
  6. Multiband DTT and Satellite Amplifier with LTE 4G/5G
    SKU: JOH7785

    €122.96 Tax included
  7. 5e FM/DAB/2UHF/SAT 5G Multiband Amplifier

    €127.05 Tax included
  8. MiniKom EasyF Multiband Amplifier FM-VHF-UHF-FI 36dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL562621

    €129.53 Tax included
  9. MiniKom Broadband Amplifier (FM-BIII-UHF-FI) LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL539620

    €136.79 Tax included
  10. Broadband Amplifier (2xUHF-FM-DAB-SAT) LTE 5G
    SKU: IKU3576

    €151.59 Tax included
  11. Outlet: SAT 48dB Minikom Central Amplifier with UHF/VHF Mix
    SKU: TEL5363OUT

    €227.00 Tax included

11 Items

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Set Descending Direction

SAT Multiband Amplifiers