Flat Antennas

Flat Satellite Antennas

What is that a flat satellite antenna? Unlike satellite dish antennas, flat antennas, as their name suggests, have a flat, more aesthetic shape that allows them to blend in with the building. If you are looking for a discreet antenna for aesthetics, taste or obligation, flat antennas are the best alternative.

These antennas serve to capture the satellite signal like any other, but their shape makes them very discreet to put on facades. Many neighborhood communities do not allow the installation of traditional parabolic antennas due to their size and appearance, but these flat antennas are more concealed and normally in the communities they do not usually cause problems. In any case, check with your community president if he allows you to mount this type of antenna to avoid neighborhood conflicts.

A flat satellite antenna is oriented to the satellite and works in the same way as a regular satellite dish. With the exception that the flat antenna does not have an arm that supports an LNB, but that the entire surface of the antenna performs the capture itself. It also looks straight at the satellite so it will have a slightly more direct orientation to the sky.

Normally flat parabolic dishes are equivalent to 60cm dish antennas, that is, they have the same capture capacity.

The difference between some models and others is the number of cable outputs. If you only have one satellite receiver, you have to choose the SINGLE flat antenna, with only one output. If you have two satellite receivers, you need a TWIN flat antenna with two outputs and you will have to install two cables. And for those who have 3 or 4 outputs, you have to buy the QUAD flat antenna with four universal outputs.

Also, you always need a satellite tuner that will connect to your TV to show you the channels that interest you the most. High definition satellite decoders are now being bought, because HD satellite receivers are cheap and allow you to watch all HD channels on your television.

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