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Everything you need to watch Satellite TV

On our website you will find everything you need to be able to install satellite television. At TDTprofesional we are also specialized in satellite television. In this section you will already find pre-designed satellite dish kits with everything you need for installation, with the most common configurations that are usually installed.

Mainly the satellite dish kits include three basic elements:

  • The parabolic antenna itself, which is what is colloquially known as the satellite dish.
  • The LNB or converter that is the part that receives the signal and where we connect the coaxial cable.
  • And the wall/floor support.

You also need a satellite tuner that will connect to your television to show you the channels that interest you the most. In some kits we have included tuners, and in others we have left it for you to buy separately at your choice.

Finally you need to buy coaxial cable that is the link between the antenna and the satellite receiver. We have not put the cable in the kits because we sell coaxial cable to the cut and you can buy the meters that are necessary. A pair of type F connectors to make the connection on the receiver and the connection on the LNB converter will also be necessary.

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  1. Hardware and LNB Ø 40mm Bracket Bag Televes (spare)
    SKU: TEL9915

    €10.16 Tax included
  2. 60cm parabolic antenna kit with LNB without Daxis support

    €21.53 Tax included
  3. 60cm antenna kit with LNB without tecatel support

    €21.88 Tax included
  4. 60cm satellite dish with LNB and Tecatel support

    €23.23 Tax included
  5. Daxis 60cm Parabolic Kit with LNB and Support

    €29.43 Tax included
  6. Kit 80 cm dish Daxis, LNB and Support

    €29.94 Tax included
  7. 80cm Tecatel Satellite Dish Kit with LNB and Support

    €44.32 Tax included
  8. 80cm Dish Kit + LNB + Cable (20m) + Support + Connectors
    SKU: TDT0035

    €47.43 Tax included
  9. Kit 80cm dish with accessories
    SKU: TDT0024

    €55.38 Tax included
  10. Kit of receiver and satellite dish for German channels
    SKU: TDT0062

    €64.49 Tax included
  11. Parabolic Kit 85cm with Accessories + Gift Compass
    SKU: TDT0017

    €65.67 Tax included
  12. Kit Completo Parabólica 60cm con Accesorios + Receptor
    SKU: TDT0021

    €87.37 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 23

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Satellite Installation Kits