SKYLINE 4V S5 Fermax Frame

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Frame SKYLINE 4V Serie 5 Fermax 7334

Frame for mounting the SKYLINE 5 Series video/audio panel by Fermax, an elegant plate with great durability and weather resistance.

SKYLINE modular plate line, expandable with a multitude of compatible accessories. This 130x246 mm (width-height) frame allows the installation of up to 4 V modules (105.2x47.5mm) or 2 W modules (105.2x95mm), being able to also combine modules of both sizes.

Possibility of combining two or more panels, provided they are from the same series, and thus expanding the number of buttons or functions.

Only the frame is supplied, the flush box or surface are purchased separately. It is recommended to add a visor to protect the plate from the rain.

SKYLINE Series 5 entrance panel frame with space for 4 V Modules

What technical specifications does the SKYLINE S5 Fermax 7334 Frame have?

  • Measures Modules
    • Module V: 105.2x47.5 mm (width-height)
    • Module W: 105.2x95 mm (width-height)
  • It is possible to combine two or more panels, as long as they are from the same series, to have a greater capacity for buttons and accessories
  • SKYLINE 4V frame
  • 5 Series Panel
    • Plate dimensions: 130x246 mm (width-height)
    • Flush box dimensions: 115x233x45 mm (width-height-depth)
    • Surface box dimensions: 130x246x33 mm (width-height-depth)
  • Weight: 0.455 kg
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