Fermax Skyline S6 5V Frame

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Fermax 6 Series 5V Skyline Frame

Frame for SKYLINE plate reference 7335 of Fermax compatible with the different modules of push buttons, card holders, readers, cameras, amplifiers, etc ... of the same SKYLINE range.

This 7335 frame allows up to a maximum of 5 type V modules of 105.2 x 47.5mm (width-height) or 2 modules type W of 105.2 x 95mm (width-height) + 1 V.

Two or more frames can be combined, provided they are of the same SKYLINE range, to increase the number of buttons and accessories.

Fermax frames already have the microphone integrated.

What technical specifications does the Fermax 7335 frame have?

SKYLINE 5V frame.

  • Series 6 plate.
    • Measures plate: 130x294 mm (width-height).
    • Recessed box dimensions: 115x280x45 mm (width-height-depth).
    • Measures surface box: 130x294x33 mm (width-height-depth).
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EAN 8424299073354
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Color Silver
Product Brand Fermax
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