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Telephone cable of 1 pair to the cut

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Telephone cable 1 pair to cut

Televes 217001 telephony cable consists of a twisted pair with a pure electrolytic copper conductor of gauge not less than 0.5 mm in diameter.

One or two pairs of cable will be used in the dispersion network and in the user's internal network. Cables of more than 25 pairs are used for the realization of the main basic telephony network.


The 217001 telephone cable is a 1 pair telephony cable.

What technical characteristics does the 217001 clable have?

Reference  217001
 No. of pairs  1
 Mechanical specifications  
Diameter mm 0,5 ··· 0,6
Insulation  material  PE
Outer sheath material  LSFH
Thickness  mm  0,7
Diameter  mm  4
 color  White
Twisting length mm  < 45
Electric specifications  
Ohms resistance  Ω/Km  < 98
Insulation resistance MΩ/Km  > 1000
dielectric strength
 Vac  > 350
 Vdc  > 500
Mutual capacitance  nF/Km  < 58

Additional Information
EAN 8400121700117
Manufacturer Televes
Telephony Telephony Cable

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