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OUTLET: 4GNOVA Televes 650102 Antenna with SMA Connection and 7.5m Cable

Televes 4GNOVA antenna with SMA Male connector and 7.5 meter cable. Directive antenna for emission and reception of 4G signals in areas without coverage.

This antenna can be directly connected to a router or indoor antenna so that the devices in the home can have a 4G internet connection without having to emit high power, saving energy and protecting users from radiation.

It is a passive antenna, without consumption. Optimized for Uplink and Downlink links. With a discreet and aesthetic design.

What is TDTprofesional OUTLET?

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4GNOVA Televes Antenna for Emission and Reception of LTE/4G signals

What are the main characteristics of the 4GNOVA Televes 650102 Antenna?

  • Mobile 4G devices are more efficient in terms of power and consumption
  • Optimized response on both the Uplink and the Downlink
  • A telephone antenna on a printed circuit board: avoids feature alterations and ensures mechanical quality
  • Passive antenna, no power consumption

What technical specifications does the 4GNOVA Televes 650102 antenna have?

 Polarisation Horizontal / Vertical
 Frequency band Mhz  698...960 1700...2700
 Gain dBi 7,5 7
 F/B ratio dB >18 >20
 Impedance Ohm 50
 Windload N 69,6 (@130 Km/h)
95,7(@150 Km/h)
 Protection index IP 53
 Mast diameter mm 20...50

More Information
System4G / 5G / SIM
Network Equipment4G/5G Antenna
Product BrandTeleves
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