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Power Supplies and Accessories Channel Processors

In this section we have all the Power Supplies that need any electronic device. This changes Vac to Vdc so it gives the power need the circuits. You will find different sources, such as switching power supplies, 12-24Vdc, Power to Modules. Here we have different accessories like software required to work with them, control programming, headers controller...

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  1. Support table / wall encoder T.0X
    SKU: TEL567401

    €23.92 Tax included
  2. Power supply of 24V and 1.6A T0X individual 562802 of Televes
    SKU: TEL562802

    €55.38 Tax included
  3. T0X whole band central (46-862 MHz) 44dB Televes 5575
    SKU: TEL5575

    €186.53 Tax included
  4. CDC Header Controller IP T0X
    SKU: TEL5559

    €431.50 Tax included

4 Items

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Power Supplies and Accessories