LNB Twin 0.3 dB converter with 2 Televes outputs

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Televes TEL747802 Universal TWIN LNB Converter

TEL747802 universal LNB converter from Televes' TWIN range with two outputs for 2 different receivers, each with the four polarity-band combinations (Ha, Hb, Va, Vb).

This type of LNB is characterized by offering a low noise figure and a high gain, through which you will be able to capture the signal of all the channels emitted by the KU band.

It has a reduced weight and is of low consumption, its feeding is through the receiver or the multiswitch.

Its degree of protection is very high so it is valid for extreme temperatures.

This LNB is called Twin, it was designed to address the need to have two LNBs installed in a single satellite dish.

For more information about the LNB you can visit the section of our blog by clicking here.

LNB Twin 0.3 db converter with 2 outputs TEL747802 from Televes

What characteristics does the TEL747802 converter have?

Reference  747802
Input frequency  GHz 10.7-12.75
Output frequency  MHz  950/1950 - 1100/2150
 Nº of outputs 2 (H/V - H/V)
 Gain  dB 57
Noise figure 0.3
Local oscillator  GHz  9.75/10.6
Feeding  Vdc  12...20
Maximum consumption  mA 170
Operating temperature  ºC  -30...+60
 Dimensions  mm  140x113x65
More Information
EAN 8424450137710
System Satellite
Color Yellow
LNB type Universal
Output number 2 (Twin)
Noise level 0,3
Focus number One focus
Gain >50 db
Product Brand Televes
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