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Universal mechanism 990N MAX 10 / 24Vac / dc

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Fermax Universal Mechanism 6750

The 6750 electric mechanism is a device that is installed in the door frame to control its opening from a remote location by means of an electrical device.

In an installation of electronic doorman it is possible to activate the mechanism of the entrance to the building and to allow the access of the visit from the telephone or monitor of the house when pressing the button 'door-open'.

An opener is composed of an electric mechanism and an armature or cover depending on whether it is recessed or surface.

1 to 7 days

The universal mechanism 6750 allows the opening to both right and left.

What technical features does the 6750 mechanism have?

  • Reversible (DIN Right or DIN Left). It allows the opening to both right and left.
  • The DIN standard establishes the opening direction of the door and designates the type of door opener installed.
  • Looking at the door from the side where the hinges are visible:
  • If the hinges are to the left of the observer, it is a left DIN opener.
  • If the hinges are to the right of the observer, it is a Right DIN opener.
  • There are several types of door opener mechanisms, depending on the type of operation that is needed.
  • Type N 10-24Vac / dc:
  • N (Normal operation and activation at 10-24 Vac / dc): the door opener is unlocked during the time that a voltage of 10-24 Vac / dc is applied.
  • The door opener includes an adjustable latch, allowing an exact adjustment between the latch and the lock slip, with a margin of 4mm. It allows the door leaf not to press the opener latch.

What technical specifications does the 6750 mechanism have?

  • Consumption: 10-24V N_MULTIVOLTAJE: 12Vac: 250mA, 12Vdc: 280mA, 24Vac: 500mA, 24Vdc: 560mA
  • Dimensions: 66 (V) x 16 (H) x 25.5 (P) mm.
  • MAX setting: 2mm
  • Retention force: 330Kg-f / 3230N
  • Temperature: -15ºC to + 40ºC
  • Cycles tested: 400,000
1 to 7 days
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EAN 8424299067506
Color Silver
Sistema Portero/Videoportero VDS
Product Brand Fermax
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