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OUTLET: VEO VDS Color Monitor Fermax 9401

VEO monitor with VDS system and 4.3" TFT Color screen, compatible with Fermax 9402 connector. With this monitor you can see the caller while talking on the phone, it also allows the door to be opened.

Includes concierge call button and self-start button to access the main and secondary cameras at any time. It allows to configure parameters of the image and the ringtone.

Compact and modern design in white, made of ABS plastic that is easy to clean and resistant to UV light.

Does not include Fermax 9402 connector, necessary for installation.

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OUTLET: Fermax VEO VDS monitor with 4.3" TFT Color screen

What technical specifications does the Fermax monitor VEO VDS 9401 have?

  • Call extension or Light and bell activator: For direct connection of the call extension or the Light and bell activator in the corresponding terminals.
  • 4.3" TFT screen.
  • Resolution: 480 (H) x 272 (V) lines.
  • Surface installation (Installed on the wall, its slimline profile protrudes only 23 mm from the wall, 44 with arm).
  • Monitor dimensions: 200 x 200 x 44 (height-width-depth).
  • System power: 18 Vdc
  • Door opener button and call to concierge.
  • Self-start button for primary and secondary camera activation (sequentially)
  • Call volume regulation
  • Color, brightness and contrast regulation.
  • Door bell: for direct connection of the house call button to the monitor / telephone.
  • Selectable ring tones.
  • Private communication. Conversation secret.
  • Consumption (± 5%):
    • Idle: 12 mA.
    • With audio + video: 300 mA
    • Call: 400mA
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