Citymax 4+N 1 House Audio Kit Fermax 6201

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Fermax 6201 line 1 doorman kit 4+N

Do you want an analogic doorphone kit for 1 house? The Fermax 6201 door entry kit for 1 home includes all the elements necessary for its installation, with the exception of the door opener and the wiring.

We recommend installing it together with the Fermax 67521 lock release and UTP cable, although it can actually be installed on a previous installation with 5 wires.

This kit is very simple to install and is an ideal kit to replace old plates that are damaged over time.

For more information you can visit our blog: Installation Manual for Fermax 6201 Kit


The City Classic 6201 kit is the original curved profile street sign from FERMAX. Urban style, it is the ideal line for electronic door entry installations in any type of buildings. Made of aluminum very resistant to climatic changes and to the weather.

The Citymax telephones for the interior of the house represent the classic model of Fermax.This telephone is made of ABS plastic in white, with ultraviolet protection and polished mirror finish, for easy cleaning.It has multiple anchors for wall installation.

What does the Fermax 6201 Kit include?

  • 8300. CITYLINE CLASSIC 1/L panel and flush-mounted box (flush-mounted box, ref. 8948) The dimensions of the street panel S1 are 130x128 mm. The dimensions of the flush-mounted box of the series 1 are 115x114x45 mm
  • 80447. CITYMAX BASIC phone
  • 4800. 12Vac / 1,5A-DIN4 feeder
  • 98600. Amplifier 4 + N. Also known as a phonic group

What technical characteristics does the Fermax 80447 Phone have?

Audio terminal Installed in homes, it allows communication with the entrance panel and the opening of the door.

The extra-flat format Fermax telephones are made of high impact ABS plastic with a mirror-polished finish for easy cleaning.

The industrial design applied and the components of the highest quality have made a robust and reliable phone that will please the professional and the user alike.
Of wall installation and easy fixation.

Conventional System: it uses threads common to the entire installation plus 1 call wire (or callback) per dwelling.

  • Screw on the surface.
  • System power:
    • Audio: 12 Vac
    • Video: 18 Vdc
  • Door opener button and concierge call

What technical characteristics does the Fermax 8300 Panel have?

  • Plate of Series 1
  • Plate dimensions: 130x128 mm (width-height)
  • Flush-mounted box measurements: 115x114x45 mm (width-high-deep)
  • Surface box measurements: 130x128x33 mm (width-high-deep)
  • System power:
    • Audio: 12 Vac
    • Video: 18 Vdc
  • Consumption:
    • Rest: 100 mA
    • Active audio: 200 mA
    • Lighting per lamp: 70 mA
  • IPK-437
  • Audio power house-street sense: 1W
  • Audio power sense street-housing: 0.15W
  • Adjustable volume in both directions
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ºC
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