Universal Door Opener 12V - 24V continuous and alternating

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Universal Door Opener 12-24V Fermax 67521

Fermax brings us the most complete universal door opener of all. It works with most Fermax doorman or video intercom systems. It works at a voltage between 10V and 24V, both in direct and alternating current.

This type of opener is mainly characterized by being adjustable, with memory and short body. Especially recommended for use with Fermax WAY kits (without wifi).

Check our official blog to find out which door opener is most suitable for installation.

The recessed electric door opener is a device that is installed in the door frame to control its opening from a remote place by means of an electric device. In an electronic door entry system it is possible to activate the door opener of the entrance to the building and allow access to the visit from the telephone or monitor of the house by pressing the "door opener" key. A recessed door opener is composed of an electrical mechanism and an armature.

What technical specifications does the Fermax 67521 opener have?

  • Consumption: A_MULTIVOLTAJE 10-24V: 12Vac: 250mA, 12Vdc: 280mA, 24Vac: 500mA, 24Vdc: 560mA
  • Dimensions: 66 (V) x 16 (H) x 25.5 (P) mm.
  • MAX regulation: 2mm
  • Holding Force: 330Kg-f / 3230N
  • Temperature: -15ºC to + 40ºC
  • Tested cycles: 400,000
  • Weight: 0.1727 kg
More Information
EAN 8424299675213
System multivoltage
SERIE Abrepuertas
Color Silver
Current AC / DC
Functioning Automatic (A)
Multivoltage 10 to 24 Vc/Va Yes
Product Brand Fermax
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