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Optical transmitters and receivers

Transmitters that generate an optical output at 1330 nm or 1550 modulated RF signal on this entry. And the optical receivers that deliver original signal RF has previously been converted by an issuer of FO

Both senders and receivers are complementary equipment. It takes two to make a complete transmission.

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  1. 20V 1.2A Power Supply for Televes Optical Converter
    SKU: TEL237050

    €27.59 Tax included
  2. Optical Multiplexer Module (WDM) 1310/1490 - 1550nm
    SKU: TEL234740

    €50.12 Tax included
  3. 3km bidirectional fiber optic expansion module
    SKU: TECFO100009

    €85.31 Tax included
  4. ORH-FTTH Mini Series DTT Optical Receiver
    SKU: TRIORH100

    €89.24 Tax included
  5. ONU Basic Module with 1 Gb Ethernet port 769507 from Televes
    SKU: TEL769507

    €117.98 Tax included
  6. Bidirectional fiber optic expansion module up to 20km
    SKU: TECFO100010

    €123.88 Tax included
  7. Receiver TX FO 1550nm (TERR.) / 1310nm (SAT) SC / APC
    SKU: TEL237311

    €128.71 Tax included
  8. FiberKom SC/APC Optical Mini Receiver without R.C.
    SKU: TEL238079

    €137.86 Tax included
  9. Self-regulating Optical receiver
    SKU: TEL2311

    €139.21 Tax included
  10. Optical / RF converter with four outputs FM / DAB / UHF-FI
    SKU: TEL237003

    €157.46 Tax included
  11. FTTH 1310/1550nm Optical Receiver with 4 RF Outputs
    SKU: TEL237320

    €166.21 Tax included
  12. Optical Quad + Terrestrial Converter (Requires F.A.)
    SKU: ANTVS144687

    €186.47 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 38

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TERR/SAT Optical Distribution