TERR/SAT Optical Distribution

Optical transmitters and receivers

Transmitters that generate an optical output at 1330 nm or 1550 modulated RF signal on this entry. And the optical receivers that deliver original signal RF has previously been converted by an issuer of FO

Both senders and receivers are complementary equipment. It takes two to make a complete transmission.


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  1. Optical Distributor 8 Outputs FSP-208
    SKU: TRI4897
    In stock
    €21.27 Tax included
  2. Fuente de Alimentación 20V/1.2A Conexión F de Johansson
    SKU: JOH2462
    On request
    €28.68 Tax included
  3. 20V 1.2A Power Supply for Televes Optical Converter
    SKU: TEL237050
    In stock
    €29.51 Tax included
  4. Optical Multiplexer Module (WDM) 1310/1490 - 1550nm
    SKU: TEL234740
    On request
    €52.57 Tax included
  5. 3km bidirectional fiber optic expansion module
    SKU: TECFO100009
    On request
    €71.15 Tax included
  6. Single SC/APC TDT+FI Optical Receiver Johansson
    SKU: JOH4011
    On request
    €87.48 Tax included
  7. Overlight WideBand Optical Amplifier 2 Outputs 13dB Televes
    SKU: TEL237561
    On request
    €93.30 Tax included
  8. Bidirectional fiber optic expansion module up to 20km
    SKU: TECFO100010
    On request
    €105.03 Tax included
  9. Optical receiver 1 input with 4 outputs (QUAD FI + TDT)
    In stock
    €144.47 Tax included
  10. FiberKom SC/APC Optical Mini Receiver without R.C.
    SKU: TEL238079
    On request
    €147.46 Tax included
  11. Self-regulating Optical receiver
    SKU: TEL2311
    In stock
    €148.93 Tax included
  12. Triple Optical Receiver 1310/1330/1550nm AGC Johansson F Connector
    SKU: JOH4013
    On request
    €162.47 Tax included
  13. Optical / RF converter with four outputs FM / DAB / UHF-FI
    SKU: TEL237003
    In stock
    €168.44 Tax included
  14. Active optical distributor with 4 FC / PC outputs
    SKU: ANTVS144648
    On request
    €176.14 Tax included
  15. FTTH 1310/1550nm Optical Receiver with 4 RF Outputs
    SKU: TEL237320
    On request
    €177.80 Tax included
  16. Receptor Óptico Overligth SC/APC 2 Salidas TDT+FI1/TDT+FI2 Televes
    SKU: TEL237529
    In stock
    €189.72 Tax included
  17. Fiberkom mininode C/RET 2 FO
    SKU: TEL238001
    On request
    €248.18 Tax included
  18. Optical Receiver Overligth Quad SC/APC FM/DAB/UHF-FI Televes
    SKU: TEL237550
    In stock
    €256.59 Tax included
  19. Optical to RF converter with four outputs 236903 from Televes
    SKU: TEL236903
    In stock
    €256.59 Tax included
  20. Optical Receiver Overlight Quattro FM/DAB/UHF/SAT Televés
    SKU: TEL237540
    In stock
    €267.93 Tax included
  21. Multiplexer / Demultiplexer Gpon with 2 optical inputs 234701 from Televes
    SKU: TEL234701
    On request
    €269.33 Tax included
  22. Optical Transmitter DTT-Satellite 1310nm SC/APC 3dbm
    SKU: TEL238201
    On request
    €353.91 Tax included
  23. CWDM Optical Multiplexer/Demultiplexer 1in/4out Televes
    SKU: TEL234756
    In stock
    €356.96 Tax included
  24. Optical distributor with 16 FC / PC outputs
    SKU: ANTVS144644
    On request
    €391.62 Tax included
  25. Transmitter TX FO 1550nm (TERR.) / 1310nm (SAT) SC / APC
    SKU: TEL237301
    On request
    €393.23 Tax included
  26. Ikusi FRD-400 Terrestrial + Satellite Optical Receiver
    SKU: IKU4914
    In stock
    €409.68 Tax included
  27. Televes FTTH Optical Transmitter
    SKU: TEL237302
    On request
    €446.72 Tax included
  28. Triax 1310nm SC/APC 6dBm Optical Transmitter
    SKU: TRI4915
    On request
    €668.32 Tax included
  29. SMATV Optical Receiver without return channel 1200..1600nm
    SKU: TEL2335
    On request
    €682.04 Tax included
    SKU: TEL231201
    On request
    €684.32 Tax included
  31. 1550nm optical transmitter SC / APC 4dbm
    SKU: TEL234305
    On request
    €755.90 Tax included
  32. TV+FI SAT Optical Transmitter FTD-1290
    SKU: IKU4871
    On request
    €771.02 Tax included
  33. Optical transmitter 1310nm ''SC/APC'' 10dBM from Televes, Ref. 233306
    SKU: TEL233306
    On request
    €900.28 Tax included
  34. 1310nm optical transmitter SC / APC 10dBm
    SKU: TEL233311
    On request
    €1,102.29 Tax included
  35. CATV T0X optical transmitter with automatic gain control 234811 from Televes
    SKU: TEL234811
    On request
    €1,787.59 Tax included
  36. Optical amplifier with 1 input and 1 output 234221 from Televes
    SKU: TEL234221
    On request
    €2,818.99 Tax included

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