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Coaxdata: Internet through coaxial cable

The coaxdata system arises from the need to provide internet service to an old building where the only forecast of pipes that existed was for electricity and television. After this comes the internet to our homes and it turns out that the new UTP network cable appears and there is no where to put it. Along with the power cables does not work well and the coaxial cable is thicker and leaves no space. So Televes invents coaxdata to mix the internet with the television signal and be able to distribute everything with the existing distribution of coaxial cable in our homes. And voilà, problem solved.

 The coaxdata is a revolution of data transmission under coaxial cable. You only need to use one as a master and the rest in each of the building's homes as a slave. With this configuration and connecting the coaxdata to the TV socket and to the electrical outlet we already have an internet network in the whole building.

Little by little the needs of the market have been changing this product and profiling it to the taste of the consumer. First the need to have more connections, made a coaxdata with two exits to the market. Then there was need to have WIFI and appeared the coaxdata WIFI, with a much more electronic consumer aspect. WIFI is this word that we have all heard about and that makes it possible for us to connect everything to the internet without cables. And finally with the arrival of fiber optics and scandalous internet speeds, we have the coaxdata fiber optic, coaxdata F.O. So far we have met the needs of customers, and surely Televes always at the technological forefront will continue to upgrade this product to the future market. In fact, all models were upgraded from 200Mbps to 1Gbps speeds that are currently on the market.

Coaxdata is the solution for many homes stalled in having only electrical wiring and television wiring. With this system you can take the internet to all homes.

Coaxdata technology relies on data transmission via coaxial cable in the return channel frequency band, which is a very low frequency, mostly unused. But always check that the installation is prepared to support passive return channel and if it is not there are means to adapt it. Contact us!

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  1. Support for the gateway wall for Televes 640301 modulator or coaxdata
    SKU: TEL640301

    €16.95 Tax included
  2. Filter Diplexer 2-68 MHz / 87-2150 MHz CoaxData
    SKU: TEL769220

    €18.11 Tax included
  3. EOC slave equipment with Wifi

    €82.93 Tax included
  4. CoaxData Hybrid 1Gbps HDTV 1 Ethernet port
    SKU: TEL769203

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  5. Outdoor EOC master equipment

    €161.99 Tax included
  6. CoaxData Hybrid HDTV with 2 outputs 1Gbps Ethernet
    SKU: TEL769201

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  7. CoaxData Hybrid HDTV 1Gbps 1 to 1 Ethernet
    SKU: TEL769202

    €170.88 Tax included
  8. Televes Coaxdata with wifi
    SKU: TEL769301

    €188.87 Tax included
  9. Coaxbox device for network management Coaxdata
    SKU: TEL769330

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9 Items

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Internet via Coaxial Cable