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35dB mast amplifier with Ikusi FI/UHF 1307 mix

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Mast amplifier with satellite mix 1307 from Ikusi

Do you want to amplify the terrestrial signal and also mix it with the satellite signal so that it reaches your home with a single cable? Ikusi amplifier 1307 has a gain of 35 dB for the DTT band.

With the mast amplifier SBA190-C60 we can mix the signal coming from our DTT antenna and our satellite dish, in order to get both signals down by a single cable to our house.

This mast amplifier, in addition, can be powered from the satellite receiver


The mast amplifier SBA190-C60 has a gain of 35dB for the terrestrial band and allows the mixing of said signal with the satellite.

What technical characteristics does the 1307 mast amplifier have?

  • Amplifies UHF signal adapted to 1º dividend and allows the mixing of satellite signal
  • Only one cable down
  • It can be powered from the SAT receiver

What technical specifications does the 1307 mast amplifier have?

  • Series SBA190-C69 1306
  • Frequency band: 470 - 790 MHz (1 950 - 2400 1st dividend)
  • Tickets: 2 (UHF SAT)
  • Nominal gain:
  • UHF: 35 dB
  • FI: -2 dB
  • Gain regulation 0 - 15 dB
  • Noise figure: ≤ 2 dB
  • Output level: 105 dBμV
  • Undock entries: ≥26
  • Supply voltage: +12 to +24 VDC
  • * In the event that the SAT input is not used, it can be powered at +24 VDC
  • Consumption: 40 mA
  • Dimensions: 96 x 125 x 46 mm
More Information
EAN 8435136413073
System DTT & SAT
SERIE F-connector
Color Black
Type Mast amplifier
Entorno Exterior
Input signal FI, UHF
# Inputs 2
Outputs 1
Gain 35
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 105
LTE compatible No
Current bypass Satellite, Terrestrial
Product Brand Ikusi
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