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75 Ohm Load type F without Block DC Televes 4058

75 Ohm loads are used to install on unused inputs and outputs of distributors, distributors, shunts, and other TV distribution equipment. In such a way that when connecting this load it is avoided that by those free connections interferences enter and maladjustments take place in the coaxial transmission line.

This type F charge has no capacitor. It is recommended for equipment that does not have direct current flow to the output, as it does not have a DC block.

75 Ohm F type load without DC blocking for TV distribution equipment without current pass

Thanks to this connector we can perform good signal distribution along the installation path. It is very important to use quality devices and connectors, since during the installation the signal has an attenuation that could be aggravated by the use of low quality devices. With this 75Ω charging plug we get the most out of it, performance and viewing quality.

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EAN 8424450040584
System Coaxial
Serie Female Connect.
Color Silver
Type 75 Ohm load
Connection type F male
Form factor Straight
Product Brand Televes
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