Altar frontal fixed tray for mini Wall of 10 "

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155mm fixed tray in the background

The IC-CFF35 tray is a fixed metal rack for 10 "frame with 155mm depth.

This tray is specially designed to make the functions of a shelf inside the cabinet.

On it we can place a small Switch, a Hub, a Router, etc.

The fixed tray IC-CFF35 is a tray compatible with all types of 10 "rack cabinets.

The fixed tray IC-CFF35 is a fixed tray for a 10 "wall cabinet,

What technical characteristics does the IC-CFF35 tray have?

  • Use 1U of the Mini Mural.
  • Made of steel with cold rolling and grooved.
  • Its exterior dimensions are as follows: 255 mm wide, 45 mm high and 155 mm deep.
  • Painted in Black.
  • They are presented individually.

What is a rack cabinet?

A rack is a base, metal structure or support whose mission is to house computer systems and telecommunications networks. All its dimensions are standardized so that they are compatible with any equipment regardless of the manufacturer. They are also known as cabinets, computer cabinets or communication racks.

They usually have removable sides, glass or metal doors.

More Information
EAN 8413535100015
System Rack Accessories
Color Black
Width 10"
Rack type Mini wall
Rack accessories Frontal plates, Plates
Frame Floor
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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