Angle Corner Protection for Chimney

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Angular Televes 2412 Corner for Chimney

Angled steel butt plate with Zinc + RPR (Reactive Protective Coating) treatment for great resistance to corrosion. It is installed on the corners of the chimneys, to support the rotation of the steel cable from the winds and protect the structure of the chimney.

The ideal complement for chimney brackets: it fastens the steel cable with its tabs and prevents it from damaging the chimney.

For each chimney mast bracket 3 corner pieces are required.

Angular Corner Chimney with Zinc + RPR treatment

Main characteristics of the corner piece Televes 2412:

  • Ideal complement to fireplace supports. It prevents the steel cable from damaging the chimney and in turn supports it so that it does not move.
  • For each chimney support 3 corner pieces are needed.
  • Zinc plating + RPR treatment: Great resistance to corrosion
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EAN 8424450024126
System Support
Support Type Edger
Pair required No
Enviroment Chimney
Mounting Screwed
Product Brand Televes
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