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TV Connectors for Males and Females

The CEI connectors is also knows such as IEC, there are use in the conection with the television. This connector is the union with the wall with a female connector CEI, coaxial cable and a male connector for the antenna input  in your television.

We also have adapters CEI to another kind of conection.

It notes that the best connectors CEI CEI males and females are shielded because they avoid interference from 4G mobile signal.

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  1. CEI adapter female to CEI female

    €0.41 Tax included
  2. White female right angle connector IEC

    €0.51 Tax included
  3. CEI male threaded connector for RG6 coaxial cable

    €0.59 Tax included
  4. IEC connector angled male white

    €0.62 Tax included
  5. Elbowed mounting IEC connector with shielded for coaxial cable
    SKU: TEL4130

    €0.79 Tax included
  6. IEC angled female shielded connector for coaxial cable
    SKU: TEL4131

    €0.79 Tax included
  7. PAL Male - PAL Male Metallic Adapter Connector

    €0.80 Tax included
  8. Type male connector IEC Class A shielded from interference LTE
    SKU: TEL413210

    €1.20 Tax included
  9. Conector acodado macho 9,5 mm "Easy F" Blister
    SKU: TEL437401

    €1.38 Tax included
  10. Socket, angled 9.5 mm "Easy F" Blister
    SKU: TEL437501

    €1.48 Tax included
  11. CEI adapter female to CEI male

    €1.69 Tax included
  12. ProEasy F Connector Kit 9.5mm CEI
    SKU: TEL437601

    €2.34 Tax included
  13. Game IEC Connectors Straight Male + Female
    SKU: TEL4316

    €2.55 Tax included

14 Items

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IEC Connectors