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Register for telephone system in ICT

Records cabinets for installation of telephony in the common areas of the building.

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  1. Expansion Frame for Ultra-compact Secondary Register (12 fibers) 231305
    SKU: TEL231305

    €16.17 Tax included
  2. Plastic cabinet 50x30x6 cm recessed with lid
    SKU: AMP055

    €18.56 Tax included
  3. Plastic cabinet 45x45x15cm with lid
    SKU: AMP065

    €33.90 Tax included
  4. Plastic cabinet 50x30x6 cm recessed with frame and door
    SKU: AMP056

    €35.10 Tax included
  5. Polypropylene chest of 40x40x50cm
    SKU: AMP020

    €39.30 Tax included
  6. Plastic cabinet 45x45x15cm with frame and door
    SKU: AMP066

    €40.86 Tax included
  7. Secondary / final record for optical fibers of 8 fibers 231310 of Televes
    SKU: TEL231310

    €41.93 Tax included
  8. PAU network termination registration 500x600x80mm
    SKU: BITICT500600

    €49.74 Tax included
  9. Secondary registry for ICT of 550x750x150mm Bitel
    SKU: BITICT500700

    €54.57 Tax included
  10. Metal cabinet 45x45x15cm with wooden bottom and double security key
    SKU: AMP070

    €56.30 Tax included
  11. ICT Secondary Register 45x45x15 cm
    SKU: ICT454515

    €57.81 Tax included
  12. Metal cabinet 50x30x6cm with wood bottom
    SKU: AMP060

    €59.94 Tax included
  13. Metal cabinet 40x40x20cm without bottom
    SKU: AMP054

    €62.02 Tax included
  14. Ultra-compact Fiber Optic Secondary Register (12 fibers) 231304
    SKU: TEL231304

    €64.64 Tax included
  15. Horizontal Terminal Enclousure 600x500x80mm
    SKU: TEL546702

    €64.76 Tax included
  16. Metal cabinet 30x60x20cm without bottom
    SKU: AMP053

    €70.22 Tax included
  17. Metal cabinet 50x60x8cm with wooden bottom
    SKU: AMP061

    €71.44 Tax included
  18. RTR/PAU register for embedding 50x60x8 cm OUTLET
    SKU: RTR60508EOUT

    €74.54 Tax included
  19. 80x38x20cm metal cupboard without bottom
    SKU: AMP051

    €79.36 Tax included
  20. Vertical Flush RTR / UAP Register 60x50x8 cm
    SKU: RTR60508EV

    €80.22 Tax included
  21. Flush RTR / UAP Register 50x60x8 cm
    SKU: RTR60508E

    €80.22 Tax included
  22. Metal cabinet of 50x60x8cm with wood bottom
    SKU: AMP062

    €81.89 Tax included
  23. Secondary Registry (RS) 546801 of Televes
    SKU: TEL546801

    €84.85 Tax included
  24. Metal cabinet 50x60x20cm without bottom
    SKU: AMP052

    €85.31 Tax included
  25. Metal cabinet 50x70x15cm with wooden bottom and double security key
    SKU: AMP074

    €90.08 Tax included
  26. basic secondary record for F.O. 12 fibers
    SKU: TEL231302

    €90.71 Tax included
  27. ICT Secondary Register 50x70x15 cm
    SKU: ICT507015

    €93.21 Tax included
  28. 45x45x15cm built-in plastic cabinet with frame and door
    SKU: AMP072

    €95.38 Tax included
  29. Surface RTR / UAP Register 50x60x8 cm
    SKU: RTR60508S

    €96.38 Tax included
  30. Registration data network termination , coaxial and fiber. With two sockets
    SKU: TEL546701

    €100.01 Tax included
  31. ICT Secondary Register 55x100x15 cm
    SKU: ICT5510015

    €106.18 Tax included
  32. 55x100x15cm metal locker with double security key
    SKU: AMP075

    €118.75 Tax included
  33. Secondary recording of 8 indoor fibers for fiber optics
    SKU: TEL231301

    €133.68 Tax included
  34. Outdoor Secondary ICT Register 45x45x15 cm IP-55
    SKU: ICT454515IP55

    €138.04 Tax included
  35. Main register of 24 FO ports for Bitel optical distribution

    €127.98 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 41

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