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Power Supplies security cameras

The power supplies are essential for surveillance cameras work. Without them not go on camera. Power supplies normally sold separately.

There are two ways to connect the camera to power on the premises.

  • One way is to connect each camera to a small power source that is usually placed next to the camera. The advantage is that you have to pull power cabling to each camera. The drawback is that you need a plug near each chamber.
  • The other way is to connect all the cameras to a larger power source that is usually put by the recorder, so that both video and power is centralized. The advantage is that you only have a feeder connected to a plug, and usually cheaper. The downside is you have to pull the power cord to each camera (although usually install a coaxial cable includes two power wires in the same sheath) and also in case of failure of the power supply all the cameras would go out to time.
  • To choose a suitable power supply first thing to do is add the current all cameras have and hayar total. For example:

12VC camera and 400mA. 12VC and another camera and another camera 200mA and 1000mA 12VC. Total mA are 1600mA. You have to choose a power supply that always higher consumption. those 1600mA. In this case, a power source of 2000mA. All cameras operate at 12VC.

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  1. Female CCTV DC power connector screw

    €0.61 Tax included
  2. DC male power connector for CCTV to screw

    €0.61 Tax included
  3. Easy connect male DC connector (Red)

    €0.77 Tax included
  4. Easy connect female DC connector (Red)

    €1.00 Tax included
  5. 50 cm Male CCTV power cord

    €1.00 Tax included
  6. Hose for power of CCTV Male of 15cm

    €1.00 Tax included
  7. Power CCTV cable to power 5 cameras
    SKU: AVCON105

    €3.38 Tax included
  8. Power Supply 12VC and 1A for a camera
    SKU: ALI1A

    €4.36 Tax included
  9. Power Supply 12VC and 2A for cameras
    SKU: ALI2A

    €6.10 Tax included
  10. Power Supply with Voltage Selector (3-12V) 600mA Axil
    SKU: ENGAL0870E

    €7.08 Tax included
  11. Switching power supply DC 12V / 2.5A
    SKU: PD-30-12

    €8.17 Tax included
  12. Power Supply with Voltage Selector (3-12V) 1000mA Axil
    SKU: ENGAL0871E

    €10.07 Tax included

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Camera Power Supplies