CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Buy everything you need for the installation of surveillance cameras.

In our online store you can buy cheap security cameras with very good image quality for closed circuit television (CCTV).

In recent years the market has evolved towards a new concept of technology called HDTVI, which supports digital HD high definition image in old analog installations. This, coupled with its low price, makes it the perfect technology for replacements and upgrades of both old and new installations.

In our online surveillance camera store you can find among others: dome security camera, bullet surveillance camera, wireless cameras and cheap security camera kits.

Analog, IP, HD-TVI, hidden and simulated cameras.

If you need to buy analog surveillance cameras, analog cameras have reached their maximum technological limit, with the highest resolution being 1000 lines. The image quality of an analog camera with 1000 lines of resolution is 4 times lower than that of an HD-TVI camera with a resolution that is 720p. Today, the sale of analog cameras is largely sustained by the large number of existing analog cameras, which are replaced again by analog when a breakdown occurs.

In the case of failure of an analog security camera recorder, the best option is to replace it with a next generation triple hybrid HD-TVI recorder, admitting analog cameras, HD-TVI cameras and IP cameras.

IP cameras can have a higher resolution than HD-TVI cameras but they are still in a price range that is not suitable for some pockets. HD-TVI cameras are very well accepted by users due to a quality/price ratio of 10.

Of course we have everything you need to complete the installation: recorders, hard drives, balun, power supplies, cable, LODP signs, connectors, etc.

In a matter of recorders we can distinguish three types.

  • Analog recorders: only support analog cameras.
  • Digital recorders: some hybrid models support analog cameras and also IP cameras.
  • IP recorders: only for IP cameras.

It should be noted that all CCTV recorders allow remote access through mobile phone, Smartphone, Tablets, and computers. The applications (apps) are free and easy to configure remotely.

Our Hikvision recorders also stand out for their image quality and reliability. They offer a free DDNS service so that the user does not worry if they have a fixed IP or dynamic IP.

The recorders do not include hard drives, allowing the user to decide how much they want to invest in a hard drive based on their needs, the higher the disk capacity, the more days of recording can be accumulated. If you have questions about choosing the hard drive, contact us.

We have power supplies to connect next to each camera and also power supplies to centralize all cameras in a common electrical point.

The cabling can be with coaxial or with UTP cable, if the latter is used, it is necessary to use baluns to adapt the impedance so that the video transmission over network cable works.

Finally, you should think about complying with the data protection law, it will require one or more LOPD posters.

The main characteristics that any surveillance camera should have

  • External control: Being able to control your home or business from outside it. Some have a zoom option.
  • Recording quality and image viewing: They must have image and recording quality and it is recommended that they have infrared to be able to record in the dark and to increase the light to be able to see more distant areas clearly.
  • Easy and fast assembly: They should be easy to mount whether they are cameras for the wall, video surveillance cameras for the ceiling, etc.)
    Waterproof: It is advisable that security cameras be waterproof and resistant to water. The housing they wear also protects them from dust and other substances.
  • Hard disk: The most modern cameras allow us to compress the images in order to save space on the hard disk and that this does not affect the recording quality.

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