Coaxial cable copper-aluminum for interior White by Televes

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Coaxial cable 2128 of Televes with shield class A for interior

Coaxial cable ideal for professional installations, the best quality/price ratio offered by Televes. Cable very resistant, well shielded and with excellent properties. Finished in white PVC for indoor installations.

Internal copper conductor cable and aluminum mesh with high class A screening thanks to its large coverage mesh.

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White coaxial cable for indoor installations model CXT reference 2128 from Televes with great quality/price ratio.

What are the main features of Televes 2128 coaxial cable?

  • Internal conductor made of copper and aluminum mesh
  • Class A shielding
  • Euroclass Eca
  • Outer PVC cover in white
  • Characteristic impedance of 75 ohm
  • Available in reels of different footage

What technical specifications does Televes 2128 coaxial cable have?

Type CXT
Estandard EN 50117-2-4
EuroClass Eca
Class A
Inner conductor Ø mm 1
Material Cu
Res. Ohm/Km <23
Dielectric Ø mm 4,5
Material PEE
Overlapped foil Aluminio + Poliéster
Braid Material Al
Dimensiones (Ncx Nsx Ø) 16 x 8 x 0,12
Res. Ohm/Km <31
% cobertura 79
Anti-migrating film No
Petrol-Jelly No
Outer sheath Ø mm 6,5
Material PVC
Minimum bending radius mm 32,5
Screening attenuation @ 1GHz dB >85
Capacitance pF/m 54
Impedance Ohm 75
Transference impedance(5-30MHz) mOhm/m ≤5
Velocity ratio % 82
Attenuations (dB/m)
Frequency (MHz)
5 0,01
47 0,04
90 0,05
200 0,09
500 0,14
800 0,19
1000 0,21
1350 0,25
1750 0,29
2050 0,32
2300 0,35

More Information
EAN 8424450137642
System RG6
Serie 100m
Entorno Interior
Color White
Cobertura Exterior Cables PVC
Conductor Interno Cables Copper (Cu)
Material Malla Coaxial Aluminum (Al)
Product Brand Televes
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