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Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2 - COFDM

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Digital transmodulator T0X DVBS2 - Televes COFDM

The Televes 563101 transmodulator receives a satellite transponder in one of the DVBS (QPSK) or DVBS2 (QPSK or 8PSK) modulation formats and demodulates it by obtaining an MPEG-2 transport packet.

Subsequently, the MPEG2 transport package is modulated in COFDM format and converted to the output channel (UHF or VHF and maximum bandwidth of 8 MHz).

The programming of the transmodulator operating parameters (input frequency, output channel, modulation format and adaptation of services mainly) is carried out by means of the universal programmer (ref 7234).

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The transmodulator receives an SAT transponder in the DVBS (QPSK) or DVBS2 (QPSK / 8PSK) modulation formats and demodulates it by obtaining an MPEG-2 transport packet.

What technical characteristics does the transmodulator 563101 have?

  • Total or selective elimination of the services present in the received transponder, so that they are not detected (and memorized) by the receivers (STB)
  • Editable TS_ID, which facilitates the detection of programs / services in the receiver (STB) because they perform the scanning of channels based on this identifier
  • LCN (Logical Channel Number), allows to assign to the services present in the output an LCN, which facilitates the ordering of the channels in the receivers (STB)
  • It provides information about the occupation of each service and the total occupation of the output, which allows to optimize the distributed services
  • Remotely controllable with the CDC (Head Control)
  • Device monitoring LEDs and signal status
  • S_ID editable, to avoid retuning of the receivers (STB) of an installation when the services of the output multiplex are changed
  • Network_ID, Original Network_ID and Cell_ID editable, allows you to control network identifiers
  • Through the CI interface and the corresponding CAM module, the coded satellite channels are transformed into free DTT services. Depending on the CAM used (standard / professional), one or more services can be opened for viewing in open
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EAN 8424450145630
System DTT & SAT
SERIE F-connector
Color Silver
Product Brand Televes
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