Transmodulador Digital Satellite DVBS/2 - QAM CI

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Transmodulador Digital Satellite DVB-S2 - QAM CI (47 ... 862MHz) Multiplexer. Ref. 564101 Televes.

This transmodulator satellite generates an output multiplex with content from different transponders tvsat, received via satellite, both in DVB format as DVBS2.

It provides a common interface to use a Conditional Access module and thus decrypt the contents of multiple or an existing service in transport packets received via satellite.


  • Service_id edition of allowing all STB / TV installation automatically detect content changes programmed by the installer, without it being necessary to retune.
  • Service_id control: the warning device if configured the same service_id in more than one service to be appropriate to change it.
  • Full or selective removal services present in the multiplex which are not detected and stored by televisions or STB's.
  • Remotely configurable and monitorable by headers controller (ref.5559, 555,901).
  • Editing and control TS_ID, Network_ID, Original Network_ID and Cell_ID.
  • LCN (Logical Channel Number) which allows assigned to the services present in the multiplex an identifier for output management in receptors.
  • Selective filtering PID (Package Identifier) to optimize the use of CAM.
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EAN 8424450160497
System 2IN - 2OUT
Length 0.5 meters
Color Black
Product Brand Televes
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